At New Alpha, The Whitney M. Slater Foundation, and Kingdom Living Temple, we work alongside coalitions and other climate justice organizations, working together to create solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Our mission is to create a lasting impact through our initiatives, campaigns, and strategic partnerships. To accomplish our mission, we rely on support from brave groups and individuals just like you, who know that marginalized communities will suffer until we drive exponential change. With your help, we can break socioeconomic barriers and address water, air, land, and healthcare issues that still affect vulnerable communities today.


South Carolina Wetlands

In the town of Florence, 1 in 5 people live in poverty. Here, climate change isn’t just a theory – it’s a factor of everyday life. New Alpha CDC works to make the community more resilient while driving engines of economic development that help residents thrive.

Community Solar Implementation

New Alpha CDC seeks to create small-scale solar projects that reduce energy burdens while also creating real opportunities for local businesses and job seekers.

Southern Community for A Green New Deal

New Alpha CDC shines a light on climate challenges that people in rural communities face, particularly in the Southeast United States. By making lawmakers aware of these issues, we can help enact climate change policies that will change lives and benefit rural families.

Community Surveys

New Alpha CDC surveys communities by working with grassroots and frontline movements to reveal the most pressing problems that residents face daily.

Solar Water Garden

New Alpha CDC spearheads campaigns that help provide clean water sources for communities afflicted by droughts, climate change, and a lack of clean water.

Black Christian Leaders Coalition

New Alpha CDC lifts up the voices of black churches by organizing and expanding the coalition of Black Christian Leaders. This group of forward-thinking Christians have vast experience dealing with climate and environmental justice issues.

Stop the Expansion of Biomass Wood Pellet Plants

New Alpha CDC is committed to stopping the expansion of biomass wood pellet plants, which are facilities that pollute marginalized communities, increase climate impacts, and mislead honest people with false sustainability messaging.