At New Alpha, The Whitney M. Slater Foundation, and Kingdom Living Temple, we work alongside coalitions of other climate justice organizations, working together to overcome create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. We work to create an impact through our initiatives, campaigns and strategic partnerships and seek support to continue to grow and bridge the gaps wherever water, air, or land or healthcare quality issues impact the health of people in our communities.


South Carolina Wetlands

Is to mitigate flooding in an environmental justice community, while building making the community more resilient and creating engines of economic development to move the community from surviving to thriving.

Community Solar Implementation

Seeks to create small scale solar projects that can reduce people’s energy burden while creating opportunities for businesses and job seekers.

Southern Community for A Green New Deal

Lifts up the needs and changes for rural communities in the south eastern united states of America that are in need of policies on the federal state and local levels.

Community Surveys

Is to survey communities to ascertain the most pressing problems and issues that grassroots and frontline communities say must be addressed.

Solar Water Garden

The campaign is to provide a source of clean water using solar powered hydro panels for communities lacking access to clean water, experiencing droughts, or climate change impacts while creating entrepreneurial opportunities.

Black Christian Leaders Coalition

To organize and expand coalition of Black Christian Leaders with experience in climate change and environmental justice issues in order to lift up the voice of black churches.

Stop the Expansion of Biomass Wood Pellet Plants

In order to stop the expansion of yet another other polluting facility that negatively impact community health, increases climate impacts, and serve as a false green washing solution for climate change mitigation.