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Our mission: Just as it takes three R’s to have a good education, it takes three R’s to build good communities. Renew our ties with God, restore our families, and rebuild our communities spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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New Alpha Community Development Corporation works with several partners. Our two main partners are Kingdom Living Temple and he Whitney M. Slater Foundation. Each one of the three organizations work primarily with different issue areas. Even though there are some intersections in the work that we do, so sometimes the organizations will be working on the same issues, programs, projects, and campaigns.

Kingdom Living Temple is a Christian-ecumenical, and interfaith organization. So the kingdoms work is primarily from a religious and spiritual foundation. The Whitney M. Slater Foundation primarily deals with issues around environmental and public health. The foundation of their work is to be both proactive and reactive whenever water, air, or land quality issues impact the health of people in our communities. New Alpha Community Development Corporation works with community economic development, environmental justice, and energy. New Alpha CDC constituency is primarily low- and middle-income communities. We address issues of poverty and income inequality by building assets to create wealth in our communities.

By partnering together, these three organizations meet all the needs of people in our communities from a spiritual, mental, and physical perspective. We believe that this approach allows the greatest diversity of people to connect with our work and to build better communities and a better world. Please feel free to access all three portions of this website and to become a partner in the work that we do.

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We are a non-profit organization and accept donations to support the Justice Tour and New Alpha Community Development Corporation. We appreciate your donation and any amount helps.



  • Suggested donations for individuals are $50, $100, and $250+.
  • Suggested donations for Organizations are $500, $1000, $2500+.



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Join us for our 2021 Unity in Our Community Car Rally on January 16, 2021 to have some fun in a socially distanced environment. We will have a guest speaker and entertainment. Please come out, support us and be social …
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Caravans of people voted via absentee ballot in-person in Florence

FLORENCE, S.C. (WPDE) — Caravans of people made their way Monday morning to vote via absentee ballot in person at the Florence County Election and Voter Registration Office in Florence.Traffic was backed up, at one point, from South Irby Street …
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