The People’s Climate March

April 26, 2017 – Florence, SC

On April 29th, 2017, the People’s Climate March will take place in Washington, D.C. This march is a follow-up to the September 2014 march held in New York City, in which over 400,000 people attended. In light of the presidential political climate and the proposed budget cuts by the Trump administration, this gathering may be larger than the first. Contingents of people are traveling to Washington, D.C. from across the nation. In South Carolina, there are several groups of people who will be attending the march. The principal organizers of the march in the state of South Carolina is Kingdom Living Temple, New Alpha Community Development Corporation, and the Whitney M. Slater Foundation. These three organizations are some of the principal advocates for environmental justice in the state of South Carolina and has contributed to numerous educational campaigns, panels, programs, planning, trainings, and advocacy efforts throughout the state of South Carolina.

On April 28th, at 10:00 p.m., over 100 people from the state of South Carolina will gather at Walmart Supercenter on South Irby Street in the city of Florence, South Carolina to depart for the People’s Climate March in Washington D.C. They will be marching in support of efforts to address environmental justice, health, the issues of climate change, the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts, clean renewable energy, environmental justice, health, and economic development for vulnerable and frontline communities. Participants from South Carolina will join thousands marching up Pennsylvania Avenue and circle the White House, have a moment of silence, and then march on to the Washington Monument.

After the march, the leading organizations from South Carolina participating in the People’s Climate March will be holding a press conference to discuss upcoming statewide and local plans and activities following the march.

During the last two to three years, South Carolina was one of the leading states in the areas of environmental justice, renewable energy, and energy efficiency; these efforts will be seriously undermined by the proposed budget cuts.