Community Climate Spokespersons Ready For Action

New Alpha Community Development Corporation and its partners, The Climate Reality Project, Climate Speakers Network, Low Country Alliance for Model Communities, Kingdom Living Temple, The Whitney M. Slater Foundation, SC Environmental Justice Network, North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light, The Center for Earth Ethics, and The Imani Group convened in Florence, South Carolina March 10th 2017 for a much-needed day of training. As communities move closer to implementing clean renewable energy and energy efficiency projects it is imperative that their voices are heard. In South Carolina, there are several industrial-scale solar farms being built and community solar programs are about to be implemented. In order for communities to be justly and equitably involved in a meaningful way they must be a part of the planning and decision-making process. It was with that purpose in mind that the climate spokespersons trainers provided instruction for approximately 98 people on how to become climate spokespersons.

New Alpha Community Development Corporation will be opening a dialogue with state and city agencies, investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives and municipalities. When solar projects are implemented on a large scale, even to the point where every business and resident uses solar energy, if not done correctly, there will still be results that are not just or equitable. For example, if low-income people and seniors on fixed incomes are unable to make their homes energy efficient, then even if that they solar energy, the still will be paying a disproportionate amount of their income to meet their energy needs. That will also mean that we will not have the maximum reduction and other greenhouse gas emissions attained. Thus, we will not be mitigating the impacts of climate change as effectively and efficiently as we can.


New Alpha CDC will be encouraging citizens throughout South Carolina to make sure that their communities are not left behind. One way that every person can participate is by joining our Communities Organized for Renewables and Energy Efficiency (COREE) program. If you want more information on how to become a member of the COREE program, please feel free to email us at

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