Creating A Climate for Change Conference 2018

When: Wed Oct 24 – Thu Oct 25, 2018  

Where: Southern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology – 1951 Pisgah Road – Florence, South Carolina 29501 

Please register at

The purpose of the Justice First Tour is to build solidarity in the South by issuing the call for justice first. This solidarity still provides an umbrella under which all of us can work. It is time that we move toward working for environmental justice, earth justice, economic justice, climate justice, creation care justice, social justice, racial justice, gender justice, etc.

If we commit to posting and attaining justice in all our issue areas for all of our communities and constituents, we will have attained victory, justice, and equity for us all.

Update! Solar Dedication Event on August 28, 2018


Loretta Slater           
Founder of: The Whitney M. Slater Foundation 
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Just A Reminder of Our Creating A Climate For Change Conference 2018
 is October 24 and 25, 2018 at Southern Institute of Manufacturing  and Technology (SMiT)  1951 Pisgah Road, Florence SC. 29501. Please register at: